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Augusta Harris

Tour Guide

Speaks English, French & Italian

Augusta is a resourceful extrovert based in London, she was naturally drawn to a career in tourism from the age of ten and she is known for her welcoming and enthusiastic manner which instantly puts her clients at ease. She is infectiously passionate about all things to do with London and likes to include an element of informal social interaction in her walks wherever possible.
She lives with her husband and daughters in Essex and is rarely found without a hat or a cup of tea.

Karleen Van Brantegem

PR Manager & Tour Guide

Speaks English, French, Dutch, Maltese, Portuguese & Spanish
Karleen is one of our specialist tour guides for Paris and Amsterdam. She has been with us for four years. Karleen worked as a care worker before and graduated with a Masters in Social Studies at Brighton University. She has also worked with Brighton’s jail prisoners and looking after their welfare. Karleen is an avid traveller and has visited many countries in the world from South America to the Far East. Her favourite being Brazil.

Marc Thorley

Sales Rep & Tour Guide

Speaks English

Marc is one of our longest serving guides and originally from the north of England. He specialises in the Amsterdam tour's in the summer as well as private group tours. He has 10 years of travel and tourism experience from cruise ships to holiday parks. Marc is a passionate traveller having lived in Australia, America and New Zealand too where he worked as a surf and kayak instructor.

Gerry Hyslop

Tour Guide

Speaks English

Gerry is a very experienced guide and has worked in this industry for more than 20 years.  He is our main guide for the Edinburgh tours  and our long European trips. He loves travelling, fashion and photography. 


Tom Bennett

Tour Guide

Speaks English, Portuguese & Spanish
Tom is from London and has worked in many language schools in Brighton.
He has lived and worked in Brazil where he learn to speak Portuguese. He is our main guide for groups going to London for the weekend and one of our guides for Amsterdam and Bruges. During the week he also runs a popular social programme for students to visit different places less known.

Sean Van Brantegem

Tour Guide

Speaks English, French, Dutch, Maltese & Spanish
"Hi guys! My name is Sean, I am 31 years old, and I am half Belgian, half Maltese, living in Britain! Besides from English, I also speak Spanish, French, Dutch, and Maltese. I have been touring for 4 years now, and I absolutely love my job! My particular area of knowledge is Paris, but I am very familiar with many other places too. When I am not working, I love going mountain-biking and...more travel!"

Maja Vucenovic

Tour Guide

Speaks English, Spanish, German & Serbian

Maja has been a part of the Discovery team since 2013, prior to which she was fruitfully developing her career in the field of event/venue management and festival production. Having travelled extensively through Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and all of the Americas, Maja is someone who has an integral passion for travel and exploration and believes that it is an incredibly inspiring and way to learn and live.  Maja loves sharing the experience of travel with others and guiding tours is an ideal opportunity for this. She guides our Paris, Amsterdam & Bruges tours as well as guiding the day trips and private group tours.

Amanda Hill

Tour Guide

Speaks English, French, Spanish, German & Italian

Amanda has worked as an international Tour Guide for over 20 years. Since graduating with a BA Honours degree in Languages and Politics, she has been guiding in Europe, North, Central and South America, North Africa, The Middle East and Asia. She also works as an interpreter for The Ministry of Justice. She is an animal lover and keen Salsa dancer and swimmer.

Amber Raney-Kincade

Tour Guide

Speaks English

Amber was born in Texas and moved to London in 2001. She has quite a passion for London history and is a qualified badged guide with The City of London, City of Westminster and is a founder member of the Camden Tour Guide Association. Dynamic and engaging, she brings history to life and exudes enthusiasm from start to finish. She performed in the 2012 Paralympic Opening Ceremony, writes for several travel publications, and loves to dress in costume when guiding specialty walks.

Cristian Gomez

Tour Guide

Speaks English, Spanish, French, Italian & German

"Hello people! I’ve been told to be a dynamic and passionate tour guide, in particular for London!In fact…I love this job! I have been with Discovery Tours since 2014, when I moved to Brighton to start postgraduate studies in International Relations. Born in Medellín, Colombia, very young I moved to Switzerland. While playing guitar, enjoying nature and sports, I completed a Master degree in Humanities and then in Pedagogy.This background foster my passion for culture and tour guiding has become a wonderful opportunity to use my skills to help our cross-cultural groups to experience the best of our destinations! I hope you will join our tours very soon!"

Fabio Porto

Tour Guide

Speaks English & Portuguese 

“Hi guys! My name is Fabio Porto and I have been part of Discovery Tours team for 7 years. I am graduated in tourism, agricultural studies  and as a pastry chef with great passion for history and the environment. I absolutely love taking people to see the most visited cities in England and is a pleasure to me to be able to take people to see not just fantastic sites in UK and its architecture but also some of the best gardens in Europe. I speak Portuguese and English. In my spare time I run a self sufficient project in Portugal.In my tours around UK I make sure I include the elements of gastronomy to make your journey just a bit more suit. Come with me to try the famous Bath bun in Somerset after visiting the fabulous Stonehenge! I guarantee it will be fun!”